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Saturdays are now by appointment only!! 
Please call Monday-Friday to schedule an appointment if needed! 

We are still open normal business hours & are working hard to make our store a clean & healthy place to shop. 

If you are not comfortable coming inside please give us a call or send us an email for any information you need! 



New Product!!
We are now selling firewood carts! 
Made locally in Little Rock, AR. 
Fill the cart up with wood, wheel it inside, slide off the wheels and store cart by fireplace as a decorative piece of furniture! When you need more wood just simply slip the wheels back on to roll outside! 

Thinking about a remodel? What about adding a fireplace to a remodel? It is possible! 
Check out these awesome before and after's of 2 of our recent remodel jobs. 
If this is something you are considering then come see us or give us a call! 

*The only part of the remodel process we do is installing the fireplace, tear outs and framing will have to be done by a remodeler.* 

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